Baseball Lessons

Are you looking to improve your baseball skills on or off the field? Do you want to get to the next level? Schedule a consultation call to chat about a strategy to improve your game.

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    Private, small group, or team lessons.

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    Mental Skills, Hitting, Fielding & Speed and Agility

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    All lessons are created to your unique needs


Baseball Career: 

  • All-State baseball player at Plano West High School
  • 4 Year Starter & D1 All-American at South Dakota State University 
  • Founder of Champions Adjust 

Education / Certifications: 

  • Mental Performance Mastery Coaches Certification through Brian Cain 
  • Certified Mindset Trainer - Finding Your Best Course - through Dr. Micheal Gervais (world renowned sports psychologist) 
  • Zero to Dangerous (Flow Research Collective) - #1 course on the science of flow and how to train it. 
  • Level 3 Heroic Certified Coach ( - Heroic is now the training platform for West Point.     
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